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Mommy Guide to Start the Day Right!

    The alarm clock sounds, you wake up the kids and go to the kitchen to get coffee and get some breakfast going. You start calling your kids to realize they are still in bed. You start to get exasperated and your tone of voice starts to get louder.  You look at the clock  it is time to go. You hand them a Pop Tart( already feel guilty about it) , and on your way to your car you hope you will find a red light  so you can put some make up on  or at least messy bun. While you drive , you realize  you didn't pack the kids  lunches, and as you park the car at school one of your kid tells you “Mom, I forgot my project!” At this time, you do not know if you want to cry, scream or run away from the car! CAN YOU RELATE?  I certainly can.


    The job of a mom is stressful and demanding, no vacations and no paying extra time. It is a blessing to be a mom but to be able to handle all of it…

           Girl, YOU need Jesus!

On the other hand, if you are a mom with a kids with special needs ....... You need Jesus, the Holy Spirit , a village and  all the support groups you can be  part of ( I am  a Mom of a Wonderful  girl with Autism, so I get you).

         I realized, I did not want to start my morning in a bad mood and feeling drained before  even arriving to work. I started to be consistent in the MAIN THING! What is the MAIN THING? The MAIN THING is getting my mind and spirit ready for the day. It takes consistency and focus, but who do not want to have an extra hour to sleep, right? I hear you, friend, I hear you, but believe me, it will be worthy!

        I started setting up my alarm at 5 am. At that time, everybody is sleeping. I sip my coffee and I do my devotional. When I start my day with God’s word is difficult to  have a negative attitude the rest of the day. After that, while I prep their lunches I pray. I just present my day to Jesus. The next thing   on my list it to  look for something that makes me laugh. You would be amazed of all the health benefits that laugh has.


   Finally, I make a list of the things I have to do in the day. That list keeps me focus and I have it on my phone.  After that, I check my watch and start calling the girls to be ready. They already have their routine down (we will write about it in another post). There will be days when the alarm does not sound or you are not feeling well. However, this morning routine has changed my life! My Spirit and my mind are so full of Thankfulness, positivity, and blessings that I can take whatever the day can give me because I am full of Jesus. I want to challenge you to start that morning routine. You can start with just 15 extra minutes. You can read one bible verse and just pray 5 minutes. I want to challenge you to do this for 30 days. I will guarantee you, your day will be different and you will be different.


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And He said, "My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest." Exodus 33:14